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The Dangers of Taking a Counselor’s Advice

Giving advice is often what clients expect from counselors. When I enrolled in my first Master’s level counseling course, I expected to be taught the answers to problems so that I could properly advise clients. I was surprised and bewildered … Continue reading

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Social Phobia

This is a lightly edited reprint of a brief paper I submitted to a graduate course several years ago.  The information is still current.  I am adding it to my blog to assist anyone suffering from Social Phobia to better … Continue reading

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Like an ocean wave the feeling of sadness flowed over me, knocking me down, swirling me around until I did not know the way back up; losing all hope, I accepted the end of joy. This is the season of … Continue reading

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People can change

People can change. Change is a constant.  People grow, develop new skills and understandings, and improve on existing abilities.  People also deteriorate.  People who avoid working on themselves, will begin to lose skills and abilities.  In much the same way … Continue reading

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Welcome to Pogue Counseling

We are change specialists.  We are counselors, psychotherapists, educators, presenters, and writers.  Welcome to our site. If you are looking for resources to help you change your life, check out this site.

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