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5 Basic Tips for Better Parenting

After spending over thirty years with children and parents, we have developed 5 basic parenting tips that will change how you feel about being a parent. These are such basic tips, yet they are fundamentally going to change how you … Continue reading

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An Act of Courage

An Act of Courage  Seeking help is an act of courage. To ask a friend to help you with a personal issue is hard. But to ask a total stranger to know your deepest secrets and problems is beyond difficult! … Continue reading

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A Quiet Sanctuary

A Quiet Sanctuary  Everyone wants a  climate of peace and contentment in the home. We love thinking about a home where everyone in the family is welcome and loved. Parents want their children to grow up in a calm atmosphere … Continue reading

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Blended Families

In our world today, “blended families” are the norm. Learning how to cope with two sets of parents, two houses, two sets of rules and all the other changes that come with it, is hard on the kids. Everyone knows … Continue reading

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Parenting 101

Parenting is a full time job for two people. It takes confidence, humility and patience at the best of times, let alone courage. Parenting should be deliberate and consistent. With many single parent or duo-working parent households today, many parents … Continue reading

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