A Quiet Sanctuary

A Quiet Sanctuary

 Everyone wants a  climate of peace and contentment in the home.
We love thinking about a home where everyone in the family is welcome and loved. Parents want their children to grow up in a calm atmosphere with no fighting or arguing. Couples desire a peaceful, serene environment that is warm and comforting after a hard day’s work out in the harsh world.

This is what we want, but this is not reality in most American homes today. Most of our homes are an extension of the harsh, loud world we so desperately want to escape. How then, can we create this desired oasis in our homes? Is it possible to for a family, couple, or single parent to have this sanctuary within the walls of their home? I believe it is!

Let’s start by building an atmosphere of loving consideration. If each family member considers one thing each day they can do for one other family member or the family as a whole, we have a good beginning. When one person puts another person’s needs or interest before their own, they gain a sense of accomplishment and giving they did not have before. Ask yourself or your child this question, “What did you do for the family today at home?” Remember, making your bed or cleaning up your mess is not for the family, it is for your own satisfaction or comfort. Doing dishes or carrying out the trash is something for the family. We all dirty the dishes and we all create trash so these jobs are perfect examples of doing something for the

Next, allow every family member time to “leave off the world and re-connect to the family”. This means that everyone should have at least 15 minutes, if not 30, to transition from the world to home. A  husband and/or wife coming in from work needs a few minutes to shift gears, change clothes, or just go to the bathroom before taking up the new responsibilities of home and children. Children who have been at daycare or school all day need this as well. Parents, do not make the kids walk in the door and begin homework! They need a break too! Children, do not ask for food the minute mom walks in the
door! She needs time to shift from being an employee/employer to being mom!

Finally, establish “quiet zones” or “quiet times” in the home. You may choose a room or corner to be the quiet place in your home where
family members can go to escape the noise, read, or meditate. You may choose to set aside a time each day, like right before the kids’ bedtime, and all the distractions like TV or video games are turned off. Everyone finds something to do that is quiet and calming before heading to bed. Can you imagine how relaxed you would be when you finally have the kids in bed and you are ready to go to sleep?

Find ways to establish quiet and loving respect into
your home. You will create the sanctuary you desire. You and your family will look forward to coming home each day to a loving, caring environment. A place where everyone is glad to see you and each is looking for ways to serve the other.

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