An Act of Courage

An Act of Courage

 Seeking help is an act of courage. To ask a friend to help
you with a personal issue is hard. But to ask a total stranger to know your
deepest secrets and problems is beyond difficult! Taking the first step,
whether a phone call or an internet search, is bold and brave.

As a Licensed Associate Counselor, I am amazed at the
courageous people who call and come in my office every day! Sometimes it is
easier to tell a total stranger your problems than a trusted friend or family
member. I get that. They don’t know me and I don’t know anyone in their life.
Having the courage to admit you have a problem at all is remarkable.

After all, we live in the United States of America, home of
the free and brave. We are supposed to be able to do anything we set our minds
and hands to. So to say to someone we are not able to do something on our own,
especially as an adult, is a tough thing.

In anything we set out to do, the first step is always the
most difficult. Letting others help you with that step can be scary. Trust is a
huge thing in counseling. Trusting someone with your life, your secret, and
your emotions can be frightening. A good counselor or therapist knows this and
should be willing to help you as you take this first of many steps together.

So go for it! Be Strong and Courageous! You are Bold and
Brave! Look for someone to help you and begin healing and growing today.

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