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April, 2011

This is the third issue of Supervision News.  I had intended for
this to be a monthly newsletter.  But, the first issue went out in December, the second issue was written in January, but never sent, and now this is the third issue.  I should have known better than to start a new undertaking at the same time that I moved into my busy time of year.  But the thought of new beginnings at the New Year is so appealing.

My news

I finally have my website up and running –

I plan to post these newsletters on one page of the website, beginning with this issue.  Maybe I will be more diligent now that I have a new means of communication waiting to be used.

But my biggest news is reported under the BOEC updates heading.

BOEC updates

Governor Mike Beebe has appointed three new members to serve on the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling.  Each person is appointed for a three year term.  Every year, one third of the board members rotate off the BOEC, and are replaced by new members
appointed by the Governor.  The Board is composed of practicing counselors and counselor educators, and at least one marriage and family therapist.  In addition, one board member, a non-counselor, represents the consumers of Arkansas.  Another board member represents the senior citizens.

I have been appointed to the BOEC, along with Ms. Velma George and Dr. Dana Thomason.  My first meeting with the Board will be May 13 & 14 at the Capitol.

Job openings

Families, Inc, in Jacksonville is looking for a therapist.

CEU opportunities

Debra Vattimo is our guru of CEUs.  She has suggested the following
sites for free and low cost CEUs:


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