Parenting 101

Parenting is a full time job for two people. It takes confidence, humility and patience at the best of times, let alone courage. Parenting should be deliberate and consistent. With many single parent or duo-working parent households today, many parents are struggling to feel
confident or patient.

One of the biggest stressors in parenting today seems to be lack of time and consistency. Most parents want to do their best but are limited in time and patience. Busy parents are tired and not ready to deal with tired and cranky children in the evening when everyone arrives home.

Here are a few simple things to try to ease the initial chaos and frustrations when everyone gets home at the same time:

Everyone take a short break from each other. Go to separate rooms or parts of the home and relax for at least 1o minutes (but up to 30 works).  Once everyone, especially parents, has a moment to “switch gears” and get into “home mode” then everyone is ready for “family time”.

Homework is another sore spot for parents and children alike. A simple fix to this problem is a kitchen timer. Give the child 20 minutes on the timer to work on homework. When the timer goes off, the child gets a 5 minute break. Have them get a drink of water, walk around or leave the room. Then back to the homework for another 20 minutes. Adults don’t sit for hours on end working, why should we expect a child to do it?

The last simple fix is to take time to ask about each other’s day. By showing genuine concern for each other, the stressors of outside life will go away and the family can bond together over shared experiences and life.

Parenting is hard at the best of times. Try to take a little time for self and your children will be happier too. Talk to each other, give positive encouragement once a day to each other and you will see a wonderful change in the home.

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